30 Table Eggs

New 30 Table Eggs

Eggs are nature’s wonder food. We can get so much of our daily nutrients through eating a simple egg. Very few fresh foods pack in THAT much goodness.  We don’t consider a label like free range or organic at face value, instead, we personally visit the farms and apply the following simple standards:

The perfect egg should derive from hen’s being reared in the following environment:

  • Access to a pasture or large grassy area with shady trees during daylight hours.
  • Hens must be allowed to perch at night and roam freely by day.
  • Access to feed indoors and outdoors. This must be free of hormones or antibiotics and ideally include shoots, sprouts, grass, worms or insects.
  • Access to fresh water is critical.

Research has shown that pasture reared hens eggs have the following benefits for us as opposed to battery/caged hens. (USDA Nutrient database)

  • Three times as much Vitamin E
  • Two times as much Vitamin A
  • Eight times more Beta carotene
  • Three times as much Omega 3

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